Frequently Asked Questions


What third party Payers do you help with?

Paradigm offers tech solutions for providers who work with the VA, the VA Community Care Network, private insurers, and Medicaid.


How do I get started with paradigm?

The first step is to book a call with one of our provider network experts. You can do so by clicking here.


Does a veteran have a choice of where they get care?

Veterans do indeed have a choice of care providers. As it states on the VA's website: "Veterans can either choose their preferred community provider or a VA staff member can help select one. The selected community provider must be part of VA’s network."


Where can I find my local VA reimbursement rates?

Paradigm offers a tool to let you search for the current available rates in each region/location, based on your zip code‍. Alternatively, you can view current rates from the VA website.


Where will my VA payments come from?

Depending on your region and VA contract type, your payments will either come from Optum, TriWest, or the VA directly.


Is there a spousal benefit under the VACCN program?

There is no spousal or surviving spouse benefit under the Community Care Network, if you are interested in such benefits, please look into the Aid and Attendance program.


What are the eligibility requirements for a veteran to get home care under the VACCN?

In order to be eligible for home care under the VACCN, the veteran must be enrolled in the VA health care program, and must require assistance with one or more ADLs (Activities of Daily Living). For more information, click here.


How long is an authorization valid for?

For Authorizations issued before July 16th, 2021, the duration is 180 days (half a year).For Authorizations issued after July 16th, 2021, the duration is 365 days (1 year).


Is Paradigm affiliated with the Department of Veteran Affairs?

Paradigm is not affiliated with the Department of Veteran Affairs. Paradigm has strong connections with the VA, the VACCN, and inside knowledge of the enrollment process, the business of home care, and strong ties with CCN Third Party Administrators, Optum and TriWest.


Is the market for VA home care providers too saturated?

No, it is not. The primary barrier to entry is navigating the enrollment process, and the strategies used to obtain your first referrals. Market saturation varies in each location, but in almost all cases, veteran care is a growth market, with more than adequate room for new care providers to make their mark.


What are the reimbursement times from the VACCN?

VA directly: 2-3 weeks. Optum: 1-2 Weeks. TriWest: 1-3 Weeks

Making the most of third party payer lines can be a challenge.

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