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Medicaid Simplified.

Paradigm simplifies Medicaid billing for home care agencies. Our one-of-a-kind solution automates Medicaid billing and payment reconciliation. Our built-in client eligibility checks ensure you never experience gaps in payment, and our EVV support allows you to maintain compliance while ensuring successful billing.


Medicaid Billing

Paradigm streamlines home care Medicaid billing by ensuring your submissions align perfectly with EVV data for all MCOs and Medicaid state programs. Our system works with any agency management software and directly connects with Medicaid payers for automatic payment and remittance processing, minimizing discrepancies and simplifying billing processes.

The Benefits.
99.99% first pass success rate.
Only pay when you get paid.
Stabilize cashflow.
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and Contracting.

Paradigm specializes in navigating Medicaid provider enrollments with MCOs, waiver programs, and state direct Medicaid programs. We provide efficient support for identifying opportunities, handling enrollment documentation and submissions.

The Benefits.
Perfect Submission.
Track enrollment.
Never miss an update.
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Client Eligibility.

Paradigm continuously checks patient Medicaid eligibility, reducing the risk of uncompensated care. Providers receive timely updates on coverage changes, enabling quick, informed decision-making to ensure continuous care and financial security.

The Benefits.
Regular eligibility verification.
Proactive coverage notifications.
Customizable alert frequencies.
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EVV Management.

Paradigm ensures your EVV and AMS systems are optimally set up, for accurate Medicaid billing. We integrate EVV with AMS as per state and payer requirements, reconcile data for precise accounting, swiftly address transmission issues, and keep you updated on EVV mandates to maintain timely, correct billing.

The Benefits.
EVV Setup Guidance.
Accurate Payment Reconciliation.
Medicaid Compliance Assurance.
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Learn to Grow
your Medicaid Business.

Paradigm's education portal is a key resource for home care agency owners, offering practical tools for business growth. It provides focused courses, webinars, and guides to help you grow your Medicaid census.  

The Benefits.
Exclusive education portal.
Learn to grow your Medicaid census.
Master Medicaid home care compliance.
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