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Paradigm is an all-encompassing support platform to expand payer portfolios for homecare organizations.

Paradigm is here to help you expand your business across all payer lines.
  • Unlock new referral sources
  • Automate your billing
  • Grow your business
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Paradigm Home Care Software

Our Products.


We help you set up new payer lines that result in more sources of income.​

Billing Automation

We handle the entire billing process from beginning to end so you get paid on time every time.​


We manage authorizations and client eligibility to ensure continuity of care and payment.

Collections & Audits

​If your agency is owed money, we can help you find and collect it.​

About Paradigm.

Paradigm offers comprehensive, adaptive solutions for home care agencies working with the VA, Medicaid, and other third-party payers. With services like billing automation, historical collections, enrollment support, authorization management, and growth education, Paradigm helps agencies maintain resilience and grow despite technological or payer changes.