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How Paradigm Stepped in After a Cyber Incident Involving a Popular Scheduling Software

Shereen Thomas
February 5, 2024
5 min
How Paradigm Stepped In After a Cyber Incident on a Popular Scheduling Software


In early 2024, a widely-used Agency Management Software (AMS) faced a severe cyber security incident that took their systems offline, leaving hundreds of home care agencies without access to their client and caregiver data, bringing their regular operations to a halt. Clients were completely left in the dark with no alternative solution in sight.  

"During times of crisis, our commitment to our clients takes center stage. The cyber incident was an unexpected challenge, but our immediate action reflected not just our dedication but the very essence of Paradigm – to ensure cashflow for the agencies we work with. Our team's rapid response and innovative solutions exemplify our unwavering support for the home care community, reinforcing our pledge to be a reliable partner in every circumstance." - Yossi Stern, COO, Paradigm  


Identifying those affected

Paradigm heard about the incident and immediately initiated crisis response protocols. We mobilized our team and devised a comprehensive plan to mitigate the fallout. The first step taken was identifying all of those affected and delivering targeted support to each client.

Helping providers with care plans and billing

We were able to mine the data from previous invoices and engineer the shift schedules for home care agency's staff, which they were unable to do themselves post-incident, thus enabling us to pre-emptively fill out billing reports as well and present them to our clients for approval. 

Addressing cash flow issue

Cash flow was another issue that providers were experiencing due to the incident on their AMS so we offered all clients a steep reduction on their Paradigm billing rates to help them cope during this time. This was not an obligation but a testament to our unwavering commitment to supporting the home care community.


  • 131 clients helped successfully 
  • Cash flow crisis averted with complimentary reduced billing rates from Paradigm
  • Historical shift data allowed agencies to draw up new schedules  
  • Billing for the weeks to come assembled from past billing data with customers approval


Scheduling software might come and go, but your VA billing is constant. Paradigm's swift and comprehensive response not only safeguarded its clients from the immediate impacts of the cyber incident but also showcased the organization's resilience and dedication to providing unparalleled support. This reinforces the fact that Paradigm is a constant regardless of whether you switch or experience issues with other tech platforms. Paradigm stood as a reliable partner, ensuring that the well-being of both home care providers and their clients remained at the forefront of our mission.

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